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There are no rules when it comes to independent driving. The purpose of this section of the driving test, is to see if you can follow road signs and markings whilst driving safely, under stress.

The examiner is assessing your ability to drive safely.

If you take an incorrect turn....do NOT panic...this is not a fail. Simply ask the examiner for directions. Do not stress as this will cause your driving to become erratic and could cause you to fail your driving test.

Here are some useful tips:

1. When the examiner explains the route, if you to not understand...ask him to repeat.

2. During the independant driving, if you are unsure of the route....ask the examiner.

3. Do not panic if you have taken a wrong turn.

Your automatic driving instructor will prepare you for this part of your test. We ensure that all our automatic driving lessons are conducted in a relaxed, informative and useful manner.

To book your automatic driving lesson with one of our fully qualified automatic driving instructors, call us now.

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