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It's a tough decision.....

Learning to drive in a manual means that you have much more choices in terms of the car you can drive. If you pass a manual test, then you can opt to drive a manual or automatic, where as if you pass in a automatic, then you can only drive an automatic.

A side from this, here as some plus sides to an automatic:

1. No gears - No fuss. Some people just cannot do with gears and this is a great alternative.

2. Easier to drive.

3. Some would say much more enjoyable.

4. Wide range of automatic cars on the road.

5. Less distractions - no need to worry about changing gears.

6. No biting point - for some this is a nightmare!

7. Pass quicker - no need to waste lessons trying to get the hang of gears and biting point.

To book an introductory automatic driving lesson in Leeds with one of our highly qualified, patient and friendly automatic driving instructors, please call or txt.

07950 13 40 11

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