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1. School Crossing

At a school crossing, when a lollypop person signals for you to stop, you MUST do so.

You MUST stop when a school crossing patrol shows a 'STOP FOR CHILDREN' sign.

Under the Road Traffic Regulatiion Act 1984 it is an offence not to Stop when signalled to do so: When a school crossing patrol officer steps into the road you must Stop (Rule 87 of the Highway Code): If you do not Stop, the consequencies can include:

  • fatalities/serious injury

  • a fine of up to £1000

  • three penalty points

  • disqualification

  • damage to vehicles/other property

There may be a flashing amber signal below the school warning sign to alert you that children may be crossing the road ahead. Drive slowly until you are clear of the area. Be cautious when passing a stationary bus showing a school bus sign.

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