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Pass Plus is a practical training course that takes at least 6 hours and is for drivers to improve their skills and drive more safely. It can be taken at any time although it should be most useful to new drivers in the year after passing their test.

These courses include:

1. How to safely enter and exit a motorway 2. Keeping a safe distance from other motorway users 3. Dealing with adverse weather (rain and wind mainly) on a motorway 4. How to cope with and defuse road rage on motorways 5. Why traffic collisions occur on motorways 5. How to remain alert on a long journey 6. How to recognise driver fatigue 7. Anticipate the actions and intensions of other motorway users 8. Rules and motorway signals 9. What to do in the even of a breakdown on a motorway 10. Observation and advanced planning

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To book a pass plus course in Leeds, with one of our fully qualifed DSA approved automatic driving instructors, please call/text/email.

07950 13 40 11

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