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You will be asked to pull over and the examiner will ask them to drive independently by one, or possibly a combination, of the following methods:

1. Via road signs and markings

2. Via a series of three, or very occasionally four verbal directions given by the examiner. If you forgets the directions you are allowed to ask the examiner to confirm them as you drive along. If road signs are obscured, say by an overhanging tree or a parked vehicle, the examiner will intervene and say, 'the sign's obscured here but you're meant to take the next left'. The independent driving section isn't meant to your navigating skills – if you take a wrong turn or get lost it won't count against you. It's more about showing your ability to drive safely without constant direction from an instructor or examiner.

automatic driving schools leeds

Our automatic driving instructors will prepare you for the independent driving part of your test so you won't be out of your depth.

To book automatic driving lessons in Leeds, with one of our fully qualifed DSA approved automatic driving instructors, please call/text/email.

07950 13 40 11

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Automatic Driving Schools Leeds

Automatic Driving Lessons Leeds

Automatic Driving Instructors Leeds

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