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DRIVING TEST MISTAKE 4: REVERSE PARKING - Automatic Driving Lessons Leeds - Drive 360 - Automatic Dr

Another common mistake that learners make on the day of their test, is reversing into a parking bay.

This is a manoeuvre that requires accuracy and complete control. Our automatic driving instructors always ensure that you have perfected this manoeuvre before your test.

Here are some tips when it comes to bay parking:

- Choose the bay you want to reverse into and pull up about two car lengths past it. Select reverse gear and prepare the car to move.

- Take good all round observations to make sure it is safe to move.

- Look behind and reverse slowly until the first white line of the bay you are reversing into appears to be in line with the top of the back seat through the left rear passenger door window.

- At this point take good all round observations again and if it is safe to carry on steer full lock to the left (or right if reversing into a bay on the right) as the car moves slowly into the bay.

- Throughout this manoeuvre you should be looking through the rear window, you can however take glances in your door mirrors if this helps you to successfully position the car.

- As the car becomes straight and parallel with the white lines, straighten the steering as appropriate so that your car finishes parked straight and centrally between the two white lines.

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