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For those who are wanting to learn to drive, whether it is automatic or manual, here are some tips to help you get along and be successful:

1 Plan and make time. Learning to drive can be time consuming. Decide over what period of time you would like to pass in. Whether it is days, weeks or months, it is possible if planned properly.

2. Driving lessons and tests can be expensive, budgeting is key.

3. Keep up with your driving lessons as stopping and starting can work out more expensive overall.

4. Keep a record of your progress. Our automatic driving instructors provide you with record cards to help.

5. Stay focussed and keep practicing.

6. Ask your automatic driving instructor for mock tests.

7. Stay positive!

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To book automatic driving lessons in Leeds, with one of our fully qualifed DSA approved automatic driving instructors, please call/text/email.

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