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Ice Cold in Yorkshire - Automatic Driving Schools Leeds - Drive 360 - Automatic Driving Lessons

It really did feel like winter here in Yorkshire today.

The roads, the paths, the lawns and everything else were covered in a light dusting of ice.

Whilst it may look pretty, it can be very dangerous to drive on.

Remember, your breaking distance will be greatly increased and your tyres will have less grip, making it very dangerous.

If you can acoid your journey in such conditions, then do so, but if it is unavoidable then there are things you can do to help you with your journey:

Charge your mobile phone

Pack some snacks

Ensure your fuel levels are sufficient

Let someone know the route of your journey

Drive slow!

To book automatic driving lessons with one of our fully qualified, patient and friendly DSA Approved Automatic Driving Instructors, please call/text/email. We are one of the best automatic driving schools in Leeds. 07950 13 40 11 Drive 360 www.drive360.co.uk www.drive360.co.uk/intensive-course Automatic driving schools Leeds Automatic Driving Lessons Leeds Automatic Driving Instructors Leeds

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