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If you are driving at night and visibility is poor, you can use your full beam headlights, but be sure that you are not dazzling other road users.

When visibility is poor, full beams do make a huge difference. With dipped headlights you should be able to see about 30 metres ahead of you, however,with your full beams on, you should be able to see 100 metres, on an unlit road

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To book automatic driving lessons with one of our fully qualified, patient and friendly DSA Approved Automatic Driving Instructors, please call/text/email. We are one of the best automatic driving schools in Leeds. 07950 13 40 11 Drive 360 www.drive360.co.uk www.drive360.co.uk/intensive-course Automatic Driving Schools Leeds Automatic Driving Lessons Leeds Intensive Driving Courses Leeds

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