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As the cold weather intensifies, we need to prepare our cars to deal with the harsher conditions.

Here we have a few tips for those who are driving for the first time this Autumn and for those who are a bit more seasoned:

For those new to driving this year, if you have been driving home from work in the evenings, it has been daylight, however as winter draws near and the clocks changing soon, many of us will be leaving work in the dark. Lights are even more important in the dark. They help you to see and to be seen.

Ensure that you check your lights are in perfect working order every couple of weeks. It may be useful to have someone to help you with this task.

Car batteries are not designed to last a lifetime, so if you feel that yours is ready to be replaced, do it early. Being stuck out in the cold, with a dead battery is never pleasant.

Keep fluid levels in your vehicle at a good level. You may find that you are using the fluids a lot more than you were doing in the summer.

Whilst driving in this weather is no doubt more tricky and more dangerous, it will help to build up your driving skills and your confidence.

For those who are still hoping to attain a full driving licence and only dream of car maintenance, we have fully qualified automatic driving instructors who provide structured automatic driving lessons, to help you pass with ease.

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To book automatic driving lessons with one of our fully qualified, patient and friendly DSA Approved Automatic Driving Instructors, please call/text/email. We are one of the best automatic driving schools in Leeds. 07950 13 40 11 Drive 360 www.drive360.co.uk www.drive360.co.uk/intensive-course Automatic Driving Schools Leeds Automatic Driving Lessons Leeds Intensive Driving Courses Leeds

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