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As the cold icy weather begins, having a good tyre tread is even more important.

Not only is it a legal requirement to have a certain amount of tread on your tyres, it is crucial for safety reasons, even more so in this weather.

Legally, the tread must be atleast 1.6mm. It is also illegal to drive with tyres that are cut or have defected walls.

Many accidents can be prevented, or atleast the impact reduced, with good tyre tread.

Drive safe.

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To book automatic driving lessons with one of our fully qualified, patient and friendly DSA Approved Automatic Driving Instructors, please call/text/email. We are one of the best automatic driving schools in Leeds. 07950 13 40 11 Drive 360 www.drive360.co.uk www.drive360.co.uk/intensive-course Automatic Driving Schools Leeds Automatic Driving Lessons Leeds Intensive Driving Courses Leeds

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