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If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself with a flat tyre whilst out and about, you must stop at a safe spot. Continuing to drive could cause further damage.

Even if you have a slow puncture, you should stop to change your tyres as soon as possible. Driving with a slow puncture increases the risk of a blowout.

​If a tyre bursts while you are driving, try to keep control of your vehicle. Grip the steering wheel firmly and allow the vehicle to roll to a stop at the side of the road.

Only change the tyre if you can do so without putting yourself or others at risk - otherwise call a breakdown service.

What is the official guidance on driving with a flat tyre?

The Highway Code says:

Tyres MUST be correctly inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s specification for the load being carried. Always refer to the vehicle’s handbook or data. Tyres should also be free from certain cuts and other defects.

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To book automatic driving lessons in Leeds, with one of our fully qualified DVSA approved automatic driving instructors, please call/text/email.

The friendliest automatic driving schools in Leeds with only top grade fully qualified automatic driving instructors who offer regular lessons and intensive driving courses in Leeds.

We offer automatic driving lessons in Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester. Please enquire with our office for availability and waiting times in your city.

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Automatic Driving Schools Leeds

Automatic Driving Lessons Leeds

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Intensive Driving Courses Leeds

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Automatic Driving Schools Birmingham

Automatic Driving Instructors Birmingham

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